Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Reason to Hate Apathy

So what do you think of the church in Gainesville? I'm reading a lot of stuff that talks about fearing an Islam uprising. "If we don't build a Mosque then it might prompt violence" yada yada yada. Isn't' that terrorism? The people trying to build that mosque are not even trying to make it sound like they have no idea what the fuss is about. No one is talking anymore about the fact that they were planning on having the dedication on the 10th anniversary. Clearly it was supposed to be a statement of triumph of Islam over American Capitalism. The thing that this is already doing is making it even more obvious where Obama stands. He is defending the sensitivity of Muslims around the world over the first amendment rights of Americans!

The war on terror is being lost here at home. The enemy has what anyone needs for control; FEAR. They are winning if they know Americans will do what it takes not to make the Muslims angry. Wake up America; we are setting a scary precedence. Our minds are so caught up in not angering anyone, to prevent an attack, then to care that our freedoms are being pushed back… yet again.

The world leaders don’t worry that burning an American flag would cause Americans to be violent. For me the American Flag is just a sacred as the Quran is to a Muslim. I would fight and die for that flag, but I also know that that very flag gives you the right to burn it. Worst things have been done in the name of religion than burning a book... Like blowing up buildings! Did we forget? After 9/11 we could have all burned the Quran and no one cared. Now, the tone in the media is "don't do it, you will upset the Muslims"... Say what?

The Declaration of Independence says “Mankind is more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed”. Simply put, Jefferson was trying to say, IN YOUR APATHY YOUR FREEDOM WILL BE LOST.

If I burned my bra - Would the news show up? It makes me sad that the news is calling him a “Christian Extremist”. Why is it when someone who believes the bible, stands up for freedom, he is depicted as an extremist? Sure the guy might be an idiot, I’ve never met him, but when has someone being an idiot been world news (you could argue “all the time.. ha ha”)? I wish his expression of freedom wasn’t going to be used as incitement for terrorist attacks, but that doesn't mean we should stop him.

The president of Pakistan called Obama to complain since everyone in the world has observed the obvious that Obama at a minimum has major Muslim sympathies. Our men and woman overseas suck it up and watch anti-American demonstrations and help to protect the folks doing it! Is Obama calling the president of Pakistan asking they not protest Americans or Jews? If an atheist group decided to have a bible burning the news wouldn't even show up. But here we have a religion that has a history of being anti-American. Even the home grown Muslim groups from the 60s were anti-American.

Christians don’t burn the teachings of Buddha, Why? Because, Buddha doesn’t teach violence against Christians and Jews, that’s why! By the way, our bible doesn’t tell us to kill Buddhists or, anyone else for their beliefs, either. America began as a refuge for people to believe the way they wish. Americans of all religions do not fear going to church because of the church might get bombed… not yet anyway.

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  1. Quite so. It is infuriating when radicals use our own system against us. The only way to defeat a bully is to draw a line and fight back.

    We can't appease our way out of this conflict. Each concession is followed by another. Israel gave up Gaza, Hamas took over and now they have rockets fired into their towns daily. How was that a good idea?

    People think a war is won when one army defeats another army. That's not it at all. It is won when the other side gives up. We are in a test of wills between the 21st century and the 7th. Right now I see many in America not having any will to fight. In the long run this is suicidal.